Miami, FL

U.S. Federal Courthouse


U.S. General Services



General Contractor

Dick Corporation



Exterior view of the US Federal Courthouse in Miami

Value Delivered

Dynalectric Company (Florida) installed all electrical work, including state-of-the-art security and telecommunications systems as well as back-up power and fire and life safety systems. Our value engineering efforts have resulted in over $100,000 in owner savings. 

Client Objectives

By developing a new federal courthouse in Dade County, the U.S. General Services Agency (GSA) chose a site to help restore and maintain the vitality of downtown Miami. They sought to create a modern, secure judicial facility that would serve the region for years to come.

Scope of Services

Our scope included:

  • Field engineering and coordination
  • Electrical systems installation
    • Incoming utility feeders
    • Main power distribution system
    • Building and site lighting
  • Fire alarm systems installation
  • Security systems installation
    • Raceway system for 300 CCTV cameras and card proximity readers
  • Telecommunication systems installation
    • Empty raceway
    • In-floor, 15,000-lineal-foot duct system
  • Value engineering

We installed over 60 miles of conduit for the power, security and fire alarm systems, as well as a redundant power system consisting of a 1500-kilowatt backup generator and an uninterruptible power system. Our raceway, underfloor duct work, and conduit are able to handle the latest technology required for the building’s data communications and security system needs.

Client Background

The GSA manages over 330 million square feet of space in over 2,000 communities for more than one million federal employees.