University of Miami


University of Miami

General Contractor

Juneau Construction Company


Civica Architecture & Urban Design

View of ceiling lights inside of a University of Miami building

Value Delivered

Dynalectric Company (Florida) provided approximately 700 lighting fixtures for this project. Additionally, we installed lighting and power controls, and monitoring systems designed to meet U.S. Department of Energy standards for energy efficiency and renewable energy. Thanks in part to our services, the project attained LEED certification.

Client Objectives

The University of Miami sought to construct a new, three-story Student Services building to serve as a centralized hub for campus services, improving student access to academic support, financial aid, and counseling.

Scope of Services

We installed lighting and power controls across the building and installed three sub-metering systems for energy monitoring.

Rooms powered by our lighting and controls systems include:

  • Individual offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Tutoring rooms
  • Programming rooms
  • Common corridors
  • Lobbies
  • Open public areas

Client Background 

The University of Miami is a private research facility with more than 17,000 students from around the world.